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  Face painting course images Date: 05.11.2011  
 Liz Bylett - Kent Tutour
    Ian Date: 03.02.2012  
From: Ian
you can do that and it will not harm the disegn or the henna paste. I have used a stamp and ink pad before and it worked great. the henna paste actually absorbed the ink and it all came off when the paste dried and flaked off naturally.
    Burchard Date: 03.02.2012  
From: Burchard
An inteillgent point of view, well expressed Thanks
    Lei Date: 04.02.2012  
From: Lei
Hello, just wanetd you to know I have added your site to my bookmarks because of your beautiful blog layout LOL. But honestly, I believe your site has one of the cleanest design Ive came across. It honestly makes your blog post easier to read.
    Mok Date: 27.06.2012  
From: Mok
Thank you so much for sharing your henna repice and cone directions. I have been trying for years to get the local ladies to share how to do it and they act like its some BIG secret. Very kind of you to share. Thank you very much.
    Tripti Date: 27.06.2012  
From: Tripti
natural henna paste is a dark brown and when it dries it turns black but the paste isnt black and wont stain black, youd see the difference because so called black henna is ink black and cant really be confused with black henna
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