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body painterBody Painting - A great introductory 2 days to this fabulous art form finishing with a completed body paint and the opportunity for portfolio images.

 Body painting is rapidly growing in popularity in the U.K and is increasingly used for parties, shows and finding its way into many advertising campaigns due to its striking and exciting ability to get a message across.

body art courses
Introduction - This two-day course introduces the painter to the art of body painting. The painter will be led from the basic stages of paint application techniques through to more intricate designs, including clothing, fantasy designs and logos.

No requirements are necessary to join this course.

The course runs from 10am until 3pm
on two consecutive days.
Course fees- £350-00

(Kits may be purchased on the course if required).
NB: Accommodation can be arranged/recommended if requiredbody paint

This course will include the following:
Use of all paints and products
Introduces the painter to the art of body painting; The painter will be led from the basic stages of paint application techniques through to more intricate designs, including clothing, fantasy designs and logos.
Certificate of attendance.

If you wish to participate fully in this course you will need to bring a model with you for the second day at least and possibly for both-
Alternatively models can be provided for an extra small fee.

Pop Art themed Body paint shoot -

Follies body painter Dee Love joined forces with the lovely Karla Powell for a body paint extravaganza for this photo shoot with Roger Charles.

Check out the magazine article published in Scratch magazine below plus the behind the scenes you tube video of the day and the final looks. 

Body artist Dee Love @ Follies Face reveals, "Personally I like to sketch my ideas out, so I know where I'm going to place the design on the body; Then I write myself a colour chart, For this pop art shoot wewanted bright, bold colours that were vivid with no sheen, and I knew with a UV mix I could achieve a comic book quirk. The superstar palette gave me a fantastic range of flesh-coloured tones to create the effectof the words exploding out of the body, I adore the size of these paints you can have nine colours of similar tones out on the table and they don't take up loads of room and they're great to blend with"So, when I start, I sketch out the design very quickly onto the body in a mild light brown close to the natural skin colour, to give me a rough guide of placement of the words, I then get onto the background colours as soon as possible, The lighter colours such as yellow one first, so the fabulous bright red 'Ka Pow" would go over the yellow with ease,"l always make sure the first layer hos completely dried before applying any other detail of colour over the top, such so the green or yellow highlights on 'Ka Pow" and  'Boom' . As time is of the essence in body pointing I'm never left twiddling my brush, if the base coat layer is drying on one side of the body, I move over to the other and get the next background done. With 'Ouch' I pointed the pink wording first and the blue expression bubble round with a small flat head brush so the point appeared flat and not blobby when moving the point around curves, Of course the real coming together of the piece was the block and white outlines and highlights, these took the least time to do, but achieved a lot and were the finale of the project, In other designs it's not always great to rely on block outlines to create this type of illusion of good work, but it does work, is the foremost quality with comics and some street art, This pop art look was right up my alleyl"
Dee attended her body art course with Follies 5 years ago and has worked with us ever since creating some amazing pieces of art work- We are proud to have Dee on our team-  
She says of our courses " Great tuition, fabulous professional products, clear instruction and plenty of encouragement and opportunity to have a go.
A must for any budding body artiste!
Body Painting - 2 day intensive

Kent Thurs and Fri 22nd & 23rd May
£350 including photo shoot
Instalment payments available- limited spaces click here for more details